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Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.

Subject: Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.
From: "Stuart Goggin" <SGOGGIN@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 27 Jul 98 11:23:46 +1000
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Subject: Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.
From: Pauls0627@xxxxxxx
Date: 25 Jul 98 07:16:30
I must say, I've found this thread extremely interesting (this coming from
someone who would probably be best described as a photographic technician as
opposed to an artist, IMHO). I've always felt I knew a good photograph when I
saw one (at least I knew what I liked), but always had a problem explaining
myself why. I think I understand a little better now, thanks to you all.

As for my contribution, I want to quote something from a magazine I found in
my basement (author unknown):

"It starts with a glimmer. A spark in your mind, hinting that photography can
be more than a quick way to freeze a memory.

"As that feeling grows, things like composition, angle, and lighting become
interesting challenge. Time consumig? Yes. Worth it? Definitely. And you
notice that while others might hope for interesting pictures to happen, you
can make them happen.

"Soon, though you can't exactly remember when), you begin to refer to your
pictures as photographs. And nobody's laughing. Because in your photographs,
you're capturing not just people and places, but feelings.

"It is possibly at this point that you smile at how far you've come. Yet
help wondering how far you can go."

Based on this chronology, I personally don't think I'm quite at the point of
calling my pictures "photographs" yet. But I think I've come a bit closer.

OM content: I found this in the May,1984 issue of Modern Photography. It
from a full page add Olympus placed advertising the OM-4 (there's a full test
of the -4 in the issue). When I read it, it made me think of this thread, and
I found it quite applicable (at least to my situation)


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