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Re: [OM] T-28 Macro Twin Flash 1

Subject: Re: [OM] T-28 Macro Twin Flash 1
From: WKato@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 02:45:41 EDT
In a message dated 98-07-21 00:38:35 EDT, you write:

<<  have two T-20's - can someone tell me if it would be possible to mount
 them on the bracket that holds the two T-28 Macro Twin Flash 1 units to
 the lens filter ring? If this ring has uses two regular accessory shoes
 to mount the twin flash units, I'm thinking I could order just the mount
 ring and thus have a handy and much less expensive dual macro flash
 setup. Any comments?
 Neal     Rockwell@xxxxxxxxxxx      Panama City, FL
I just happened to see a T28 pair and T power control used in a store today.
I didn't take it apart to see if there's a hot shoe on the macro flash shoe
ring but the cord goes into the back of the T28 flashes so I think that the
shoes are "dumb" shoes only.  It's quite a fantastic system with the modeling
lights.  Also you can fire either or both flashes.  The ring mount has two
filter threads, one for 49mm and another for 55mm.  It has another neat
feature in that you can pinch the brackets on the ring mount and orient the
flashes 180 degrees apart or any other angle around the ring. And I think
there was a post a couple of months ago that mentioned that the T32 flash
accessories would also fit onto the T28 flashes.  The power supply for the
modeling lights was not included.  I was sorely tempted at the $459 price but

I was in the process of building my own poor man's TTL macro flash bracket.
Thanks to Mr. Schloss I have a T20 Auto Connector.  I also have one of the old
DuoSync cords.  These I intend to combine with a Bogen 3278 macro flash
bracket and two T20s. I am assuming that the 5 pin flash connector and the TTL
hot shoe on the OM2s work in parallel. Next I bought a Cokin #153 ND filter
which I am going to cut in half for some flash attentuation and attach it to
the T20s with Velcro.

Then I will head out to one of the local botanical gardens to catch what I can
with the 80mm and bellows.

Warren Kato

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