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Re: [OM] Successor to aging E-M5?

Subject: Re: [OM] Successor to aging E-M5?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2024 02:02:39 -0800
On 1/14/2024 11:55 AM, Frank wrote:
Op zo 14 jan 2024 om 00:34 schreef Moose<olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>:

An interesting alternative is the Pro Capture Mode on the E-M1 III and
OM-1. Press the button half way and it starts
taking shots and putting them in a buffer, with older ones spilling off
the end. Magic moment happens, finish pressing
the button and catch the moment otherwise missed to human reaction speed
and shutter lag. Lots of control over buffer
length, burst speed, even over capturing frames after button full press.

Just to be complete: the E-M1 II, E-M5 III and OM-5 all have Pro capture.
Bufferdepth could vary of course.

As does lens compatibility. When the E-M1 III came out, Oly had a sale on E-M1 II bodies really cheap. I picked one up mostly for ProCapture. Turned out it wouldn't support the PLeica 100-400 I had in the mode I wanted. There was a list of supported Oly lenses, but . . .

By the time I discovered that the OM-1 does work fully with the PLeica 100-400, I had moved to the Oly 100-400, which is slightly better at the long end, and, more importantly, works with TCs. I use the 1.4x a lot.

Took my E-M1 II with 12-100mm for a rainy walk today, and that lens never
disappoints me ;-). The weather didn't either.

Still in something like love with the 12-200. A shame it's not so sharp at 200 
Or is it? 

Made some multi picture panorama's as well and I like what I see, but judge
for yourself. It is in a dunes area, close to the sea.< 

I especially like the puddles in ice - to look at - I'll skip a winter visit. 🙂

Babbling Moose

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