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Re: [OM] OT: Throttled speed on ethernet extender

Subject: Re: [OM] OT: Throttled speed on ethernet extender
From: Paul Haigney <lensmanten@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2024 22:27:14 +0000
Way back I did a St Patricks day shoot in Dublin for a magazine in India (using OM analogue gear), dropped the slide film into a fast turn around lab & scanned them myself, it was the days of dial-up internet & the upload was going to take the whole night, off to bed I went only to awake the following morning to find the upload had failed/terminated during the last 30min,...I had to absorb the fed-ex cost myself as the fee had already been agreed.

On 11/01/2024 20:29, Moose wrote:
On 1/11/2024 7:43 AM, Paul Haigney wrote:
Apart from doing commercial photography on the side for several years back in the day whilst my day job was in IT & netcomms so I still keep abreast of things, got 1GB fibre in a few months

ago & whilst I knew I wouldn't achieve that speed in real life

Much of this discussion goes well over my head.

OTOH, an alternate report . . .
I have Xfinity(Comcast) cable based Gigabit internet service.
The provided modem/WiFi router provides good coverage for the whole house. My prior router is still sitting on top of a book case - unused.

Speed tests upon boot-up run in the neighborhood of one gigabit, sometimes a little slower and on occasion, faster.

Just now, Speedtest ran at 940 mbps and XFinity's speed test at 725 mbps. After the computer's been on for a while and I've been doin' stuff, it all slows down to more like 200 mbps. Not sure why, but maybe all the stuff I have running? That's still fast enough that I don't notice.

I ran a Cat5 cable from modem/router through basement to  gigabit splitter/router/whatever it's called, by the entertainment stuff.

The point? Everything works fine with no hassle. They did have a few hour outage when someone literally stole a bunch of cable off poles. Otherwise, highly reliable.

Not a promotional post, just reporting one sample.

Speedy Moose

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