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Re: [OM] OT: Throttled speed on ethernet extender

Subject: Re: [OM] OT: Throttled speed on ethernet extender
From: "Michael R. Collins" <MRC.OlympusList@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2024 12:26:06 -0500

Unclear to me how bridge mode "told the Internet" - unless your unfortunate Linux router is responding to each and every port on which the outside world contacts it, rather than just ignoring anything other than protocols you need. Did you check this with Shodan from another site? Maybe I'm missing something here...?

My solution, for ever and ever, has been perhaps functionally equivalent, though: - leave the ISP modem in place - I assume (or take on faith) that it's the type/model best suited to connect to their own infrastructure, and means no issues with them "supporting" it - on the ISP modem, enable DMZ (if modem LAN is 192.168.x.1, I make .2 the DMZ) so all traffic can flow out to its LAN unimpeded - connect my own prosumer-grade gigabit router to the ISP modem LAN with WAN = .2 and LAN + Wi-Fi as desired for the house

Now, during the *current* everlasting pandemic both my wife (university professor) and I (IT guy in home office) prior to retirement needed near-100% connectivity to the Interwebs, so have 2 ISPs (Bell Canada and Rogers), each with the above setup and DMZ configuration and both feeding from LAN into WAN ports of a prosumer-grade multi-WAN router with failover mode configured. Since failover is not 100% guaranteed automatically, I interposed small gigabit Ethernet switches between the multi-WAN and its feeders, on an each-outlet-switched power bar, to allow really simple forced failover. (The ISP routers are also on the power bar, so could just switch off the offending one, but would rather have them both on to allow monitoring status.) Both ISPs are gigabit services, which means they deliver far less than that :-( but still ~750k for one and ~500k for the other; just as the speedometer on my Honda Fit shows up to 220 km/h and the redline on the tach is ~6800 RPM.


On 2024-01-11 10:19 a.m., Wayne Shumaker wrote:
At 1/11/2024 08:10 AM, I wrote:
At 1/11/2024 02:47 AM, Paul wrote:
I always use the supplied modem/router in bridge mode & allow my own router to 
handle everything, In my experience the company supplied equipment isn't great.
I would be very cautious with this approach...

At one time I tried to use bridge mode in order to use my own Linux router. 
Unfortunately that bridge mode essentially told the internet I was wide open on 
all ports, so my custom Linux router on the other side was swamped.

I would think twice about what bridge mode does for the supplied router.
PS, I am on cable now. My solution instead of bridge mode was: to buy my own 
Motorola docsis cable modem and have my Linux router directly connected, and 
not tell the world all my doors are wide open.

If one is forced to use company supplied router, I would suggest working with 
it. Some often have a tech support port open and cannot be disabled. I'm in the 
Schnozz nerdy camp.


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