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Re: [OM] Suggestions for hiking kit?

Subject: Re: [OM] Suggestions for hiking kit?
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2023 17:08:29 -0800
> Assuming all goes well with Marnie, will be going to northern Italy for a 
> Ryder -walker designed hike (self guided  Inn to Inn) as arranged by the CVO  
> (Chief Vacation Officer) in June.

Oh, yum! That sounds like a wonderful trip.

> I am hesitant to bring the new OM-1  at least on the hiking portion, though 
> impressed with the improvement in high ISO performance compared to EM1 MkIII 
> for astro.

The OM-1 digital thingymajob would be great. I'm stuck in the dark
ages with my E-M1 Mk2 as I've been spending my camera budget on music
stuff, but it's now my go-everywhere camera. Bigger but wonderful. The
most significant change in package size though is the lenses. I can
kill my back with some lenses or decide to lowprofile it with my m43
lenses. It depends on if I'm flying somewhere or driving. I don't fly
with the big lenses any more.

Funny thing about taking a modular approach to things. With my
cameras, I have big, medium, small. With my lenses, I have big,
medium, small. With my DJ and music gear I have big, medium, small.
With my......oh never mind, that was a dark alley. Anyway, it's great
because it allows me to right-size my choices to whatever the
challenges or application is at the moment.

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