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Re: [OM] Where are the fast UWA lenses for MFT?

Subject: Re: [OM] Where are the fast UWA lenses for MFT?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2023 00:02:40 -0700
On 3/21/2023 3:25 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
Nothing really is spectacular it seems.  The MZ 7-14/2.8 is good enough accept 
at 7mm.  If doing astro, AF is a blessing as starry sky AF is so consistently 


The PL 9/1.7 is quite small and not bad.  If one looks at the raw files with a 
converter that doesn't process the imbedded corrections, it has a ton of barrel 

How much does that matter, for this use? No straight lines in the star field.

There are very few astro images with it to be found so not sure how the 
converters correct the distortion and whether they stretch the stars in corners 
or not.
I've never seen a coma analysis using a converter that doesn't do the 



It looks better than the MZ zoom at 7mm but that is the weakest focal length 
for distortion with that lens.

Yeah, the OMZ looks pretty bad. How much might optical distortion correction 
matter, if it's clean pre correction?

What about the LAOWA 6 mm f/2 Zero-D <https://www.lenstip.com/646.7-Lens_review-Venus_Optics_LAOWA_6_mm_f_2_Zero-D_MFT_Coma__astigmatism_and_bokeh.html>? Pretty impressive.

OM systems needs to get off their duff and optimize a UWA prime for such use 
since the cams are so durn easy to use for this application.

Don't hold your breath. They must be focusing on those products they expect to make them some profit. The market for astro must be small. And then, most of the practitioners opt for larger sensors. Adding Starry Sky AF was cheap, firmware development.

No wings on my stars please, Mike

How will they stay up?

Zero-D Moose

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