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Re: [OM] More pix from Cute Gear

Subject: Re: [OM] More pix from Cute Gear
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2023 13:53:16 -0700
On 3/13/2023 11:11 AM, Piers Hemy wrote:
Exakta extension tubes are an oddity - the male and female bayonets unscrew
from the tubes, which all have threads, not bayonets.

That makes sense of the Culminar. It seems the rear part of the lens may be, in 
effect, such an extension tube.

The tricky part is that the mounts have tiny set screws, to keep it all from unscrewing when focusing. Esp. with an older lens with stiff helicoid, that's a real thing. Ask me how I know. 😉

And the two bayonets
can be screwed together for a very short extension. I have a spare set if
you have an urge...

Not at the moment. The little BELLOWSCOPE works very well for fully adjustable 

....as well as the Kopil Bellowsmat tilt/shift bellows. With a CZJ Tessar
50/2.8 sunken mount, which is a predecessor of the Zuiko 135/4, a macro
lens which can focus to infinity.

I can't personally see much value in tilt-shift on a small sensor camera.  Well, I suppose I can't see it in LF, either, as I've never been interested enough to try that, either. I like to move around, take shots and move on.

OTOH, I do that sort of correction all the time, in post. These days, I include in that DoF control. Shoot a bracket and use the depth selectively to get the effect of tilt.

Sorry for the OT, it was a big boy who started it, but he ran away....

Good for you!

Keeping It Young Moose

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