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Re: [OM] New 90mm Zuiko macro

Subject: Re: [OM] New 90mm Zuiko macro
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2023 21:49:44 -0800
First of all, a reminder of Oly's stealth macro tool - the TG-6. When I want a pic of a tiny, 3D object without carting out stand, lights, etc., I grab the TG-6. Focus stacking and bracketing with Raw output and the little ring light make it all happen quickly and easily.

On 2/8/2023 4:18 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:

Next, this thing is a monster, compared to the 60/2.8 Macro:

         60/2.8  90/3.5
Weight     186    453    244%
Diameter    56     70    125%
Length      82    136    166%
Volume    3607   7477    207%

Not a big deal for many people and uses. Makes it problematic for the field for 

Overall a very nice addition and has sync IS.  A modest positive surprise is 
that it works with both TC's 1.4X and 2X. Not that is needs any more mag

Yeah, the mag may be overkill. Get in past 1:2 and DoF gets super thin. Sure, there is focus bracketing (& stacking?), but at that mag. it pretty impossible to hand hold focal distance. If that wavers, the stack gets messed up (experience). So stand or tripod becomes necessary.

As it happens, I just took a shot last night with the 60/2.8. The leaves on sprouting Cilantro plants looked odd. Then, a couple that looked right appeared. <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Olympus_List/Posts&image=2023-02-08%2014-18-02%20%28B%2CRadius8%2CSmoothing4%29croofm.jpg> That lens is really good at such uses. At that modest mag, the stack is good enough. 24 hours later, it's twice as big, and more proper Cilantro shaped leaves are multiplying.

but as expected the
working distance is a bit tight.  Close focusing distance in S macro mode (odd ball switch 
which moves lens elements and lose max aperture goes to F5 or F5.6, (reviews were discordant)) 
is 8.8 " with working distance 2.5."  (2:1 magnification).  Working distance at 1:1 
only 3.7".

That's weird. Just set 60/2.8 to 1:1, and working distance is ~3.25 in.

  Effective focal length at 1:1 about 112mm not 180 mm ---- but that isn't 
totally fair even if technically correct as really should use focus distance at 
1:2 to calculate.  I could not find that.  Anyway, some of that is related to 
the MFT format and some to focal length shortening.  It really is only a 180 mm 
FF equivalent fov at infinity.   For skittish critters a high-quality long FL 
zoom with achromatic CU diopter may still be a tad better than the new lens by 

I believe so.

A 1.4 TC with the new lens might be a very good choice, however.  Testing 
should be done.

I can envision situations where it would better other options I have at hand, but not many. $1,500 for such a narrow range of possible uses doesn't appeal.

Come closer Moose

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