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Re: [OM] Best wishes and a few shots from Mt Dessert Island

Subject: Re: [OM] Best wishes and a few shots from Mt Dessert Island
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2022 08:34:24 -0700
At 12/25/2022 11:04 PM, you guys wrote:

>On 12/25/2022 2:56 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
>>This was one my "bright ideas"---going up near Bar Harbor in early spring as 
>>the Milkyway arch is nice and horizontal making for some nice possible 
>>compositions not available at other times of year.  Problem is it is cold and 
>>the galactic core doesn't rise until well after 2 AM.   The weather did not 
>>cooperate that much as cloudy or just hazy at night but we had a couple hour 
>>window on our last night.   The beach that required rappelling down a small 
>>way was not very practical at night as the rope was gone. We could scramble 
>>down during the day but hazardous at night with gear.
>>We scoped out a couple compositions during the day at Boulder Beach and set 
>>our alarms.  It was particularly cold and windy, and the humidity was higher 
>>than optimal with clouds to roll in after 2AM according to Clear Outside app. 
>> There is something about balancing on boulders and just standing still for 
>>an hour that puts 30 years on you.
>Yikes! Thanks for the warning. I'll be careful to avoid that. ð???
>>We both took one composition even before the Galactic core was fully up and 
>>scurried off to warmup in the car.  I set Marnie's pod as she didn't want to 
>>be responsible for a disaster and did not do a proper job. It shifted a bit 
>>after 6 shots so the stack is quite small and the stacked file still gritty.
>Pleasant enough at screen size, but I can't imagine it meets your expectations.
>>I stood 20 ft behind her for the foreground shot with an Android phone, I 
>>carry for just such an eventuality to provide a smidge of low-level lighting 
>>to bring out some details in the boulders--that was a tad over 3 min 
>>exposure. (As Dr. Flash always said about exposure to even it out with 
>>external lighting, distance is your friend)
>Just thinking about Chuck in the last couple of days. I would do a graduated 
>mask on the foreground, to keep the closest boulders from being brighter than 
>the rest. That sort of screams artificial light.
>>The read noise on the E-M1 MkIII is just a bit too much for this application 
>>and there is a complex color cast that is a bear to ameliorate.  I should 
>>trade up.  I did have a go at Marnie's composition and have not done mine yet.
>>I bet Moose has dozens of shots of Somesville Bridge.
>We've certainly driven by it hundreds of times. There are really few times 
>when it looks good for a shot, at least at our time of year. The vagaries of 
>light, foliage, wind, etc. are many. I suppose I've missed opportunities.
>I'm still gently kicking myself for passing the pond across the street once 
>when it was mirror smooth, with ducks, I think.
>In fact, I've only shot it twice, for a total of 9 frames. One was the first 
>photo in my Bar Harbor & Acadia book, with the only text in any of the books, 
>a dedication to our friend Marilyn, who died suddenly and unexpectedly shortly 
>before we were to visit her last fall.
>Here's one to go with your shot of Marnie on the bridge. 
>Bridge Over Moose

Nicely done. I have been to Bah Haabah and Acadia in winter. I hope you had a 
good breakfast after the outing.

Is the third image "Trail above Sand Beach" what you had to scramble down?


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