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[OM] Best wishes and a few shots from Mt Dessert Island

Subject: [OM] Best wishes and a few shots from Mt Dessert Island
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Dec 2022 22:56:28 +0000 (UTC)
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx

This was one my "bright ideas"---going up near Bar Harbor in early spring as 
the Milkyway arch is nice and horizontal making for some nice possible 
compositions not available at other times of year.  Problem is it is cold and 
the galactic core doesn't rise until well after 2 AM.   The weather did not 
cooperate that much as cloudy or just hazy at night but we had a couple hour 
window on our last night.   The beach that required rappelling down a small way 
was not very practical at night as the rope was gone. We could scramble down 
during the day but hazardous at night with gear. 
We scoped out a couple compositions during the day at Boulder Beach and set our 
alarms.  It was particularly cold and windy, and the humidity was higher than 
optimal with clouds to roll in after 2AM according to Clear Outside app.  There 
is something about balancing on boulders and just standing still for an hour 
that puts 30 years on you.  We both took one composition even before the 
Galactic core was fully up and scurried off to warmup in the car.  I set 
Marnie's pod as she didn't want to be responsible for a disaster and did not do 
a proper job. It shifted a bit after 6 shots so the stack is quite small and 
the stacked file still gritty.  I stood 20 ft behind her for the foreground 
shot with an Android phone, I carry for just such an eventuality to provide a 
smidge of low-level lighting to bring out some details in the boulders--that 
was a tad over 3 min exposure. (As Dr. Flash always said about exposure to even 
it out with external lighting, distance is your friend) The read nois
 e on the E-M1 MkIII is just a bit too much for this application and there is a 
complex color cast that is a bear to ameliorate.  I should trade up.  I did 
have a go at Marnie's composition and have not done mine yet. 

I bet Moose has dozens of shots of Somesville Bridge. 

Best wishes to all, Mike

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