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Subject: Re: [OM] WTFocus Stacking`
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Jul 2022 21:17:59 -0700
On 7/17/2022 6:03 PM, Wayne Harridge wrote:
Thanks Joel, it looks like a fair bit of experimentation will be required to
work out the best combination of aperture/focus differential/number of shots
for a few lenses & focal lengths.

How are you going to remember all that, standing at the edge of a swamp, aiming at a dragonfly? Perhaps a difference is that I see FS/FB as hand held, dynamic, and some folks may see them as tripod stuff, to be done with thoughtful care?

All my recently posted 22 were hand held, often in the moment. The cute little flutterby, looking down at me? Caught my peripheral vision. Mike and Marnie's car had already left the restaurant, ours about to leave, brought camera up, FB on, pressed the button twice, two good stacks, walked on without holding anyone up.

My FB settings are 31 shots, Focus Differential 1. If the subject is really deep, I may up the number of shots. Any lens, any FL.

With the E-M5 II, if I recall, I had two settings, 21 slices and 31. The E-M1 II is faster, and the OM-1 much faster, so I skip the 21 setting now. Dumping files in the bit bucket later is free; coming up short isn't.

This isn't MPG, mortgage interest rate, etc. folks. It's just ephemeral files that may be erased at no cost. What's the point of finding the edge that minimizes zero?

I mean to retry FS; I've set it up on a button . . . but I'm learning my 12-200, and it isn't eligible. I've set it to 15 slices, @ Focus Differential 2. Some day, I may find out how it works.

F. S. Stymied Moose

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