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Subject: Re: [OM] Painterly vintage Lenses
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2022 17:57:09 -0700
On 6/5/2022 9:31 PM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:

I have acquired quite a few of these old scope cameras and removed the lenses. Not sure how to get the back rings off to get to smaller 50ish mm threads. A person I linked before suggested cannibalizing some old Vivatar 2X macro telescoping adapters for the helicoid. Not sure I have access to a way to machine down the thread.

Hey, Plural Waynes,

Although the results are sort of interesting, I have steered clear of lenses that require making machine shop modifications, custom adapters, etc. It seems to me there is such a vast range of options available without those that I can skip setting up a shop and learning those skills. 😁

Lens                      FL         Mount Aperture     Comment
CCTV Lens                 25   1.4   C      Diaphragm    Swirly Bird
LensBaby    Obscura 16    16   90    M42    Pinhole
                         `     45           Sieve plate
                               22           Zone Plate
LensBaby    Velvet 28     28   2.5   E      Diaphragm
Tamron                    28   2.8   M42    Diaphragm    ~1970
Super Lentar              35   2.8   T      Diaphragm
LensBaby    Trio          35   3.5   M42    Fixed        Velvet, Sweet, Twist
Konica                    40   1.8   Konica Diaphragm
LensBaby    Velvet 56     56   1.6   F      Diaphragm
Canon                     58   1.2   FL     Diaphragm    1962 design
Holga                     60   8.0   EF     none
Minolta     Varisoft      85   2.8   MD     Diaphragm
Canon       Soft Focus    85   2.8   NFD    Diaphragm
Spiratone   YS            85   1.8   T      none         V-ND filter mounted
SIMA        Soft Focus   100   2.0   T      Waterhouse
Spiratone   Portragon    100   4.0   T      Fixed
Canon                    135   2.5   FL     Diaphragm    1960 design
Sankor                   135   2.8   T      Diaphragm
Alpex                    200   3.5   F      Diaphragm
Industar-50-2             50   3.5   M42    Diaphragm

I also have what may be too many lenses in the LensBaby Optic Swap System. When the new Soft Focus II becomes eligible for my credits, I'll probably get than one too. The magnetic Waterhouse stops are clever, but a real diaphragm in addition would be really handy.

LensBaby Optic Swap System
Lens                      FL          Elements Blades
Sweet 35                  35   2.5     4 - 3        Diaphragm 12
Sweet 50                  50   2.5     2 - 1        Diaphragm 12
Sweet 80                  80   2.8     4 - 2        Diaphragm 12
Twist                     60   2.5     4 - 3        Diaphragm 12
Soft Focus                50   2.0     2 - 1        Waterhouse
Double Glass              50   2.0     2 - 1        Waterhouse
Single Glass              50   2.0     1 - 1*       Waterhouse
Plastic                   50   2.0 1 - 1* Waterhouse
Pinhole/Zone Plate                                  Slide Pin<->Zone
Obscura 50                50 161.0                  Pinhole
                              64.0                  Sieve plate
                              32.0                  Zone Plate
Fish Eye    12             4.0                      Waterhouse 160°

* Uncoated double convex

On 6/5/2022 9:46 PM, Wayne Shumaker wrote:
. . .

I have watched a few Simon's utak videos and he speculates that part of the 
vintage look comes from the coatings to help get a more dreamy look over modern 
coatings. Implying it is more than just the optical formula. I don't have 
enough experience to know myself.

Coatings certainly do make a difference. They change contrast, color and flare. And flare can affect sharpness/detail. I've been recently looking at the Oly 12-200 vs. their 14-150 lenses. In one series, with strong sun in the corner, the 12-200, with ZERO (ZUIKO Extra-low Reflection Optical) Coating, is much sharper/clearer/contrastier than the older 14-150, before the ZERO coated Mk II.

It seems all LensBaby's recent offerings are multicoated. Above, you can see that their simple, one element lenses, as well as the single element SIMA, are uncoated.

The original LB Soft Focus (one of their earliest and now most sought after lenses) appears to be single coated on front and back.The new version II has "Broadband multi coated anti-reflective" coatings. I wonder how that will effect rendering.

And how about those non-lens image rendering tools? <http://www.moosemystic.net/Gallery/tech/Lenses/LB%20Obscura/SoftWicker.htm>

This all needs updating with more tools and a second, different subject, but . 
. .

Lens Les Moose

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