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Re: [OM] Painterly vintage Lenses

Subject: Re: [OM] Painterly vintage Lenses
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2022 21:31:11 -0700
At 6/2/2022 07:14 PM, Wayne wrote:
>I have adapted an OSCILLO-PARAGON  1:0.7X  75mm f1.9 to Sony NEX and also to
>m4/3 using an EOS-NEX and EOS-m4/3 helical focussing adapters .  The EOS
>adapters seem to be the only adapters I could find to allow the
>OSCILLO-PARAGON to achieve infinity focus.  This adaption still required
>machining off some of the excess lens mount thread (removed about 4-5mm from
>memory) which is 50mmx0.75mm, the same thread pitch as a filter ring.  I
>epoxied a 55mm -> 50mm step down ring into the EOS end of the helical
>focussing mounts which allows me to swap the lens between my Sony A7 and
>various m4/3 bodies.  The OSCILLO-PARAGON  is interesting as it has negative
>field curvature to cope with the old style convex oscilloscope screens and
>has coverage for Polaroid pack film (4.75" x 3.5" ?) so it means the centre
>of the image is reasonably sharp put the extremities of the image are still
>soft even when stopped down to f16.
>I'll take some shots of the lens mounted on the focussing helical so you can
>see what the whole contraption looks like but meanwhile here are a few JPG
>images without any processing from the Sony:
>By the way, I think I've had this lens for 10-12 years and only recently got
>around to doing something with it once I came across the cheap helical
>focussing mounts from Chinese sellers on ebay.

Those look interesting. The links got messed up in my email, so fixed them 

>A few images of the OSCILLO-PARAGON and it's helical focussing mount:

I have acquired quite a few of these old scope cameras and removed the lenses. 
Not sure how to get the back rings off to get to smaller 50ish mm threads. A 
person I linked before suggested cannibalizing some old Vivatar 2X macro 
telescoping adapters for the helicoid. Not sure I have access to a way to 
machine down the thread.

My life at the moment has become taken up with buying a house. I hope to get 
back to photography when the dust settles, although I don't think dust ever 
settles here in AZ.

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