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Subject: [OM] (Fwd) Re: [cml-glass] Advice on lens sets
From: "tOM Trottier" <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 00:44:08 -0500
Some movie makers like Zuiko....

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Date:   Sat, 11 Dec 2021 15:25:07 +0000
Subject:        Re: [cml-glass] Advice on lens sets
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My simple advice would be buy what you like the look of and what fits the 
camera you use. Each
cine or stills lens has its own strengths and weaknesses. Think about your 
cameras, your work and
your clientele. If you spend all day shooting architecture you will want 
something different to what
you may want shooting drama. Need PL mount? Need Vistavision coverage? 

Of course I would recommend Tokina Vista primes but then I they pay some of my 
bills so I’m a little
biased. Seems like they may be a little over your budget anyway. CP2s are a 
sound choice if you
can get used set at the right price. Leica R also good but already pretty 
pricey, especially if you plan
on getting them rehoused eventually. Nikons and Contax Zeiss are a relative 
bargain at the moment
and now that they are being more readily rehoused I would expect prices to 
rise. Then there are FD
lenses of course, but prices on those are already sky high.

Chinese lenses definitely improving but not to the point where I would 
personally invest in a set
over these other offerings. 

If I had to pick just one inexpensive vintage set to invest in right now it 
would probably
be Olympus OM, just because they are great glass with a heritage and mostly not 
expensive (with a coupe or exceptions). 

If you want to try Vistas do let me know.


    On 11 Dec 2021, at 17:20,
    XXXX wrote:

    Hi Jb, Im no expert but i do have a number of years perspective watching
    the market and youre right to have these questions. My crystal ball is a bit
    foggy looking forward but this is what I think.

    Zeiss holds value pretty well suggest a long history. 
    The newcomers can disappear as quickly as they appear, and cheap is
    often just that.
    The popular Vintage lenses will very likely appreciate in time because they
    do not make them anymore and people around the world are scooping
    them up. 
    Servicing is a an important issue

    Thats about the end of my general thoughts, but one last.

    There are so many lens products that have come out in the last 4-5 years
    its dizzying. The Chinese are just getting going with more "quality” built
    into products vs their history of producing crap. Keep your eye on the
    Chinese they are learning new important lessons, but servicing is an issue.
    So they have to be represented by a quality service company in the US
    (like a Duclose) otherwise its risky biz. 

    Hope this helps.


    On Dec 10, 2021, at 5:04 PM, XXXX wrote:

    Hello everyone.
    I’m looking at buying a low budget personal Lens set.  I’m able to
    budget enough to get a used CP.2 set, but am also thinking about
    Leica R.
    Concerns are:
    will the value of CP.2s drop due to the introduction of  DZOFilm,
    Meike, Xeen etc?
    Is the Leica R thing a fad that will disappear?
    Should I replace my vintage Nikkor set instead
                    (they were stolen recently along with tons of other gear) 
                    (I personally think they are just as nice as Leica R)
    The wides on all except the Xeens are fairly slow
    "Marketing" value of the lens names for producers/directors

    This is mainly for low budget narrative, and some corporate work. 
    I’m open to any and all advice



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