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Re: [OM] The time is here to let it go . . .

Subject: Re: [OM] The time is here to let it go . . .
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2021 20:54:08 -0800
On 12/8/2021 6:01 PM, Bill Barber via olympus wrote:
As a long time user and collector of things OM, the time has come for me to let 
go of much of what I have and send it to live with others with similar 
interest. We all get to this point at some point in our life. Fortunately I 
realize it now and my treasures may escape an estate sell, Goodwill or the 
dump. This may sound like I am on my death bed and I am not. The back story is 
that I am 77 years old,

Can't say I'm sorry about that, or I'd have to be sorry for myself, which I'm 

have Parkinson's Disease and a couple of other maladies as the result of daily 
exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. No tears please. I came home relatively 

Oh my. I won't tear up, but I can express my condolences about your conditions. I hope the rest of your journey is at least not bad.

I've not been a terribly decisive person, overall, in my life; rather, the opposite. I have, though, had many many occasions to be pleased that, the Monday morning after LBJ announced the end of married deferments, I was on the doorstop of the Coast Guard recruiting office before it opened. Alacrity, and a bit of subsequent luck, landed me in CG boot camp, rather than Vietnam.

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