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[OM] The time is here to let it go . . .

Subject: [OM] The time is here to let it go . . .
From: Bill Barber via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 9 Dec 2021 02:01:30 +0000 (UTC)
Cc: Bill Barber <nsurit@xxxxxxx>
As a long time user and collector of things OM, the time has come for me to let 
go of much of what I have and send it to live with others with similar 
interest. We all get to this point at some point in our life. Fortunately I 
realize it now and my treasures may escape an estate sell, Goodwill or the 
dump. This may sound like I am on my death bed and I am not. The back story is 
that I am 77 years old, have Parkinson's Disease and a couple of other maladies 
as the result of daily exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. No tears please. I 
came home relatively unscathed.  My life  has been a good one and my intention 
is for it to remain so. Image stabilization has become more important in my 
photographic pursuits.
At this point I would like to give you an idea of what I have available rather 
than sending a huge list that would be constantly changing and would be a 
moving target for both of us. If you need something, let me know and I'll sent 
pictures and pricing if I have it.  As always I will price things in a way that 
is fair to both parties and offer a "Money Cheerfully Refunded" if Item not as 
described guarantee. Please don't see this as a fire sale, but rather as an 
opportunity to add something to your kit that you want at a fair price.
I have 30 +/- Olympus bodies. All the black single digit ones.  Many of the f2 
lenses including the 20mm macro, 21mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 90mm and 100mm. 
Don't have the 40mm anymore. Will probably go the eBay route on the 21mm as the 
price on that one is insane. Most of the macros. 16mm, 18mm and some of the 
more common lenses. All the 50mm including the f1.2.  Associated macro 
accessories, tubes, bellows, cable releases, stands, etc. All or most, lenses 
have their OEM front and rear caps and dedicated Olympus lens hoods.
Have a number of the Tamron SP Adaptall lenses, including the 17mm (beater with 
clean glass) 24-48mm zoom, 90mm f2.5 (52B), 500mm f8 mirror, f180mm f2.5, 300mm 
f2.8 and 400mm f4. 
Flashes, cables, hot shoes, connectors, various caps (body, lens)
Focusing screens, including 2s, custom rule of 3rds scribed and Beattie intense 
Quick release plates.
Books, dealer sales manual (this will be one of last things to go) , 
instruction manuals and Olympus lens book. 
Olympus e-1, e-3 and e-5 cameras, lenses and accessories. 
If you don't see it here, ask.  Some of what I have is new old stock in box, 
most is in excellent condition and some is a little doggy but functional. What 
i promise is to return your emails, good pictures and descriptions.
This doesn't scratch your itch? Ask about, Hasselblad, 4X5 field, 4X5 view, 
Studio, 8X10, pinhole, folders, enlarger/darkroom equipment. 
I'm offering the common and the unusual. What broke the tap this week was a 
complete set of Olympus Vision Age magazines and a new f280 flash wide adapter.
What do you need/want? That blue neon Olympus sign would look good in your man 
A good email address or smartphone number to send pictures will facilitate any 
Off list please.
Bill Barber
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