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Re: [OM] Any E-PLwhatever experience?

Subject: Re: [OM] Any E-PLwhatever experience?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 13:42:52 -0700
On 7/11/2021 9:08 AM, Paul Braun wrote:
My earlier discussion about the feasibility of getting my E-M5 mkI repaired brought the suggestion of getting a PEN body as a secondary to my 5mkIII, which I kinda like because it's smaller and more compact.

It was also suggested (brilliantly, I might add) that I try to get a body that 
uses the same battery as my mkIII.

Really weird thing is that if I look up the BLS-50 on the Olympus site, it doesn't even list my mkIII as being compatible with that battery...

That might be because those of us who have owned the Mk I and II are used to their  BLN-1 batteries, and didn't know about the change?

Regardless, it IS compatible with several of the E-PLsomething bodies as well as a few of the straight PEN bodies. The L models tend to be quite a bit less expensive, which is appealing.

I know there are functional differences. And I know what's good for His Mooseness isn't necessarily good for AG or vice versa (or anyone else, since photography is very subjective) But has anyone used a PL for enough time to decide if it's a good body?

Hmmm. LR says I've taken 6,986 Raw photos using five E-PLx bodies and two E-PMx bodies, using over 30 lenses. So I may have some modest expertise. 😁

Early on, I used the PL/M bodies as secondary bodies, with another lens mounted, as well as back-ups. I was often frustrated with the lack of an EVF, and tried two of the add-on ones.. The VF-4 is a first rate EVF, and integrates perfectly with the body. OTOH, it makes for a physically awkward combo.

In the end, I still have one, an E-PL7, for nostalgia, more than use. The later ones add nothing of photographic value, all style, no substance improvements. It seems others have the same opinion, as prices on the 'Bay are high. 'Twere me, with the constraint of using the same battery, I'd be looking for an E-M10 III, 16 MP, or E-M10 IV, 20 MP, lower noise, etc.

Beyond that, I'd do again what I did before, get away from the E-M5 II and get a pair of Panny GX9 bodies. They are still my favorites, after 2.5 years and over 10,000 shots on three continents.

Yes, I have, reluctantly, an E-M1 II with Oly 100-400, 1.4x TC, for the PRO Mode for birds, etc. And I have Sony FF bodies, for my collection of vintage film era lenses. But the GX9s are the ones I LIKE using, for everyday and travel.

Gee X Nine Moose

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