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Re: [OM] Any E-PLwhatever experience?

Subject: Re: [OM] Any E-PLwhatever experience?
From: "Pearce, Wilfred via olympus" <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2021 19:40:06 +0000
Cc: "Pearce, Wilfred" <pearce@xxxxxxxx>
I would consider this one thing VERY carefully. Yes, Olympus pioneered and 
continues to hone and refine the business of stabilization, but I think you 
must ask, if the camera produces  the promised five to six stops of tripod free 
utility, how much of that is lost by hand holding the camera at arm's length? 
Al lot, I'll bet. You should consider this very carefully. I learned early in 
my pro career, there is a right and a wrong way to hold a camera, and that 
isn't with arms extended from the body (your's, not the cameras). My first 4/3 
camera came when I was, due to advancing age, no longer willing to drag around 
a FF Nikon D3 with the attendant big lenses. So I looked at the options, and 
decided that APS-c was simply too little too late, so M4/3 would be perfect. 
But, having shot for many years a Hasselblad, and then  FF nikon in digital, 
the sensor size was a question. Then, out of nowhere, I got an email from some 
camera store offering a Panasonic GF3 complete with a 14mm lens for 
 somewhere between $250 to $300. As my interest had moved to street 
photography, and because my prefered lens was a 28 ( I was somehow able to get 
much closer than most without getting the subjects disturbed, Don't ask me how, 
it's just a gift.) the 14 suited my needs, so I ordered this combo to get my 
feet wet in the smaller sensor. I admit this was before the maturation of the 
Fuji cameras, so things could have been different, but the 4/3 system with its 
wealth of lenses and the ability to print at least to 13" wide paper turned out 
to be quite acceptable. But the one thing I learned was that holding a camera 
at arm's length was totally unacceptable. So I waited till eye level 
viewfinders became more common, and now I own and use two m4/3 cameras, the 
Panasonic GX7 and Olympus EM5ii. Sorry for being so loquacious, I can't help 

I like the appearance of the Pen's as I appreciate good industrial design, but 
for me too few of the Pens have eye level VF's.

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Subject: [OM] Any E-PLwhatever experience?

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My earlier discussion about the feasibility of getting my E-M5 mkI
repaired brought the suggestion of getting a PEN body as a secondary to
my 5mkIII, which I kinda like because it's smaller and more compact.

It was also suggested (brilliantly, I might add) that I try to get a
body that uses the same battery as my mkIII.

Really weird thing is that if I look up the BLS-50 on the Olympus site,
it doesn't even list my mkIII as being compatible with that battery...

Regardless, it IS compatible with several of the E-PLsomething bodies as
well as a few of the straight PEN bodies. The L models tend to be quite
a bit less expensive, which is appealing.

I know there are functional differences. And I know what's good for His
Mooseness isn't necessarily good for AG or vice versa (or anyone else,
since photography is very subjective) But has anyone used a PL for
enough time to decide if it's a good body?

Paul Braun WD9GCO
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"Music washes from the soul the dust of everyday life." -- Berthold Auerbach

"Never follow anyone. Be your own hero." -- Neil Peart

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