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[OM] Is OMZ 50 1.4 (high sn) shaper stopped down than 50 1.2? --Caution,

Subject: [OM] Is OMZ 50 1.4 (high sn) shaper stopped down than 50 1.2? --Caution, on topic.
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 May 2021 21:59:50 +0000 (UTC)
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
Looks like Roger at Lensrentals is no longer a hidden font of knowledge 
requiring  going to his website at Lensrentals or blog-- now has a deserved 
wide audience even if  in general don't exactly find the current forum where 
they posted his article optimal.

The recent installment is quite interesting about 50mm lenses and contains a 
bit of a history lesson.  


As the Zuiko 50's are indeed double gauss-ish, his comments apply. 


As he mentions many aberrations don't improve all that much stopping down such 
as 3rd and 5th order astigmatism, elliptical coma and others.


This results in 50mm double gauss  lenses of this era  with odd situation that 
a cheaper  slower 50mm can outperform the expensive 50/1.2 stopped down. 
Roger at LR:

"Unfortunately, that's not how it worked, at least not for double gauss lenses 
wider than F1.4. Stopping down made them sharper, of course, especially in the 
 But away from center they never got wicked sharp; they got OK."

 That is no longer the case with very recent 50's depending on design though.

Is that the case with the OMZ 50's?  I can't really tell from Gary Reese data 
and I don't have a 50/1.2. Moose was probably correct about that lens that 
unless you really need 1.2, for something, why bother?  Still a cool lens.  The 
50/2 macro seems to test better  (Gary Reese) stopped down than the 50/1.4 even 
but not sure that was statistically significant. 

More 50's than know what to do with, Mike

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