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Re: [OM] Adobe bringing Gigapixel type function to ACR and then LR

Subject: Re: [OM] Adobe bringing Gigapixel type function to ACR and then LR
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2021 01:18:17 -0800
> I never heard of this until you mentioned it. What does it do that PS Camera 
> Raw does not? 22000 yen for the pro version.

Sorry, just got home. My alt-me (AG Mk 2) had a WONDERFUL date
tonight. (First one for alt-me in many years) It was so much fun to be
treated so nice and not have to pay for the dinner!!!! I can get used
to this. Unfortunately, the seat-warmers in his car hadn't warmed up
before we got back in, and oh boy!!!! Guys, do your wife/girlfriend a
favor, and don't buy cars with leather seats if you live in a cold
climate. Especially if they typically wear very short skirts. You can
get handsy, but that doesn't fix the frost-bite on the unprotected
cheeks. I'm running warmer because of chemistry, but not THAT much
warmer. I will admit, handsy did help and I enjoyed it, but the damage
was done. Honestly, it's hard to kiss when your teeth are chattering!

That's my public service announcement for the week.

OK, to your question. The answer is nothing. However, where Silkypix
excels is in the profiles. Overall contrast (highlight/shadow
recovery) isn't near as good as Adobe, but the color mapping is second
to none. The big problem with Olympus/Panasonic (and some Canon)
cameras is a propensity to oversaturate and block up the reds.
Silkypix is amazing in its ability to take that saturation, but not
lose the punch. I'm hoping I can reverse engineer the profiles enough
to recreate the effect in Lightroom.

AG Mk 2
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