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Re: [OM] Adobe bringing Gigapixel type function to ACR and then LR

Subject: Re: [OM] Adobe bringing Gigapixel type function to ACR and then LR
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2021 13:41:43 -0700
On 3/25/2021 10:16 AM, Ken Norton wrote:
Not sure where AKAG is. Joel's in the past, far past.
I'm doing a bit of transitioning. A bit of a format change, so to
speak. With it comes plenty of confusion. However, on the camera side
of things, this is my current plan that might see some movement soon:

1. Get an E-M1 Mk2 or Mk3. While I really want the Mk3, the Mk2 would
meet and exceed my near-term needs swimmingly.

I don't know if we should be disturbed at getting closer to nearby pages. 😉
Good summary of the changes from II to III here. 

Live ND, if one likes smooth, flowing water.
Handheld High Res. Its weakness is things that move, flags, leaves, vehicles, 
Better Face/eye AF No idea, never use it.
Starry Sky AF. Possible big deal to night sky shooters.
Even better IS. I have more problems with subject movement than camera movement.

Given the above, and the large price differential, with a 3 day sale, I went 
with the II.

I've got an upcoming
3500 mile road trip in a month or so and would like to have it before
leaving. I'll bring it and the GX85 and a small selection of lenses.

I just did my first out in the world outing with a similar mix, GX9 and E-M1 II. I'd really prefer to be carrying two GX9 bodies, but I couldn't resist the siren song of Oly's new 100-400, 1.4x TC and ProCapL.

Jury still out a bit, but it may be good. Training wheels.

have precious little space so I need to travel extremely light. I'm
selling some furniture and possessions to fund this purchase. If I
catch a great deal on the Mk3, I'll get that, but otherwise the Mk2
will likely be what I can afford. (not that I can really afford
either, but hey). I'm flying down to Kodiak in April and would like to
have it before then, but that might be too soon. The plan is for next
year I will likely spend many weeks or months down in the Aleutians
doing some island hopping for work. I can't imagine a better kit than
an E-M1 for that. Bouncing around in a C208 around active volcanoes
and working out of CONEX boxes in the driving rain? Yeah, bring it on.
That's why I moved here, buddy.

2. The E-300 and E-400 will get moved to someone else. While I like
the image-quality from them (for the most part), they really are
redundant and the "user experience" is just a little lacking for me. I
will keep the E-1 and E-3. Of the CCD kids, the E-1 is still the best
of the bunch in spite of the low pixel count. And with better scaling
tools, this is leveling things up a bit. The E-400 is certainly the
best in resolution (pixel quantities do matter) but the tonal curves
are skewed. I'd keep the cameras indefinitely for the "living history
farm", but I'm wanting to shed a lot of stuff that will be moved over
and over again. I love the E-1 and E-3, but the E-300 and E-400 aren't


3. The Sony A7ii is holding down the fort with the OM glass. It isn't
going anywhere. When I want full-frame digital for a shot, nothing
else will do.

Yup, yup. Recently traded up from original A7 to a used A7RII. Seduced by the IBIS on my A7II. So my two bodies are now virtually identical ergonomically, nice. No clue yet how the higher MP will play out for me. Time and shooting will tell.

OK, so where does that leave me with my image processing needs? Good
question. I spend a lot of time in the past, editing and completing
pictures that I took years ago. There is a reason for that. I have
many pictures that I took that I did not possess the skills or the
tools to edit properly.

Not an exclusive club! I could probably spend years processing good to excellent stuff I've shot and not yet processed, or not reprocessed with the tools and skills I didn't have then.

But that's not as much fun as taking new ones. 😉

There are some amazing pictures that are just
locked up because I don't know how to work them. It's not that I'm
really living in the past, but I've just not completed things in the
past. Lots of unfinished pictures or pictures that need a different

Hello, My name is Moose, and I am . . . in the same boat.

I will be making a few other changes to my photo
editing environment which will alter my vision on this a bit (give me
a few months for this, as it's huge and probably not possible until
after I move). Regardless of my motives, the fact is, I spend much
time in past photos because I've been too busy taking pictures to do
anything with them. I shot nearly 600 pictures a few days ago and have
yet to show a single picture from that day.

Aren't you the one who lectured us a few years ago about the power of two or 
three pass rating to deal with that problem?

New vs. Old Moose

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