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Re: [OM] Brain surgery easy, convalescence Hell.

Subject: Re: [OM] Brain surgery easy, convalescence Hell.
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2021 08:33:52 -0700
At 12/31/2020 02:33 PM, Dr Moose Surgeon wrote:

>I needed to go Win 10. The free upgrade wouldn't work with the keep 
>application option, no matter how I twisted and turned. Upgrade without apps 
>would leave me with the task of recreating my world, on a 7 year old machine. 
>(are computer years like dog years?)
>Sooo . . . I did brain surgery:
>Old = ASRock Z77 Pro4 MB, Intel i7-3770K 4-core, 32 MB of memory, 500 GB SSD
>New =Â  ASRock Z490 Taichi MB, Intel Core i9-10900K* ten-core, 64 GB memory, 
>1TB SSD, mondo CPU cooler, as the MB does allow over-clocking.
>All went well with the surgery. It still amazes me when I build or rebuild a 
>computer when it starts right up, first time.
>Setting it up, though, has been, shall I say unpleasant. A Win 10 install 
>makes all sorts of assumptions that don't fit me. It couldn't ask me what user 
>name I want? Not that hard to change/replace a user name, but to change its 
>default folder name requires going in to the registry! And then leaves 
>No, I don't want to back up everything to the cloud. No, I don't want you to 
>suggest all sorts of things to me from your store. And so on.
>Where's the other things on my local net? Can't see 'em. Network settings are 
>stupider than in W7. I manage to screw them up even worse. Time to Reset W10. 
>OMG, it keeps my user name and User folder name! And now sees other things on 
>the network! NordVPN now works OK, whereas it was funky under W7.
>Still finding things I need to install, but the big stuff is working. At least 
>I will have left behind lots of stuff I don't need anymore. Give me a few 
>years, and I'll clutter it all up again.
>The old machine wasn't slow for everyday stuff, so I don't see much difference 
>in many things. Many things load faster. But machine eaters, like the Topaz AI 
>plug-ins, are obviously improved. First use of Denoise, I thought it hadn't 
>worked, it was so fast. And that's without the graphics board installed yet!
>The goal of speeding up my image work is achieved.
>B. Surgeon Moose
>* Leading edge, not bleeding edge. The "K" version has a GPU I won't need in 
>it, but was only $10 more, and the no GPU version was out of stock.

A graphics card can speed up Topaz AI stuff. Also an NVME drive helps. Dual 
monitors I assume? I prefer a fresh install versus the upgrade process for a 
new machine.

As an MSDN person, primarily for Visual Studio, MSDN gives me access to all the 
OSes. I am often on Linux as well. My current favorite is KDE Manjaro, and with 
64GB of memory I can easily run it in a VM. I use CLion in VMware for Linux 
development work. Debian for servers and router/firewall and release builds for 
my clients.

One nice feature of the latest W10 is WSL2. I installed debian in WSL2. (you 
need to go through a couple of hoops to enable WSL2 vs WSL1). I can now set up 
rsync tasks to do backups to my local server.

rsync -e "ssh -i $HOME/.ssh/myserver_rsync" -avh /mnt/d/photos/ 

(you can add --dry-run to see what it does. Also note the trailing / is 
important to get right with rsync).

As the paranoid person I am, this backup method does not require mounting the 
remote drive. Although my SSH key does not have a pass-phrase for convenience.

2021 is predicted to be the year of ransomware, exceeding 2020. Perhaps the 
decade of ransomware.

OS-agnostic WayneS
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