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Re: [OM] Brain surgery easy, convalescence Hell.

Subject: Re: [OM] Brain surgery easy, convalescence Hell.
From: "C.H.Ling" <ch_photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2021 09:27:01 +0800
I was more lucky on the upgrade path, I had the same Asrock Z77 Pro4 but with E3-1230V2 & 16GB RAM, the free upgrade from W7 to 10 worked very well without any problem, all software worked without reinstall. Same for my wife's 7 years old Samsung i7 notebook.

Two months ago I also upgraded from E3-1230V2 to AMD Ryzen 5-5600K just by replacing the mother board, CPU and RAM. Just boot up the new machine with the old W10 and installed the AMD chipset driver then everything worked as before.

The new Ryzen is much more cost effective then the Intel and also have much lower power consumption. It now works 3 times faster with the video conversion works.


On 21/01/01 5:33, Moose wrote:
I needed to go Win 10. The free upgrade wouldn't work with the keep application option, no matter how I twisted and turned. Upgrade without apps would leave me with the task of recreating my world, on a 7 year old machine. (are computer years like dog years?)

Sooo . . . I did brain surgery:

Old = ASRock Z77 Pro4 MB, Intel i7-3770K 4-core, 32 MB of memory, 500 GB SSD New =  ASRock Z490 Taichi MB, Intel Core i9-10900K* ten-core, 64 GB memory, 1TB SSD, mondo CPU cooler, as the MB does allow over-clocking.

All went well with the surgery. It still amazes me when I build or rebuild a computer when it starts right up, first time.

Setting it up, though, has been, shall I say unpleasant. A Win 10 install makes all sorts of assumptions that don't fit me. It couldn't ask me what user name I want? Not that hard to change/replace a user name, but to change its default folder name requires going in to the registry! And then leaves weirdness.

No, I don't want to back up everything to the cloud. No, I don't want you to suggest all sorts of things to me from your store. And so on.

Where's the other things on my local net? Can't see 'em. Network settings are stupider than in W7. I manage to screw them up even worse. Time to Reset W10. OMG, it keeps my user name and User folder name! And now sees other things on the network! NordVPN now works OK, whereas it was funky under W7.

Still finding things I need to install, but the big stuff is working. At least I will have left behind lots of stuff I don't need anymore. Give me a few years, and I'll clutter it all up again.

The old machine wasn't slow for everyday stuff, so I don't see much difference in many things. Many things load faster. But machine eaters, like the Topaz AI plug-ins, are obviously improved. First use of Denoise, I thought it hadn't worked, it was so fast. And that's without the graphics board installed yet!

The goal of speeding up my image work is achieved.

B. Surgeon Moose

* Leading edge, not bleeding edge. The "K" version has a GPU I won't need in it, but was only $10 more, and the no GPU version was out of stock.

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