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Re: [OM] Sweaty clothes, Arctic Boots, Pink Socks

Subject: Re: [OM] Sweaty clothes, Arctic Boots, Pink Socks
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020 00:06:17 -0800
Those with weak hearts or closed minds may just delete now. Safe for
work, but...

Pretty in Pink 1. Here is another terrific photo of the Olympus OM-3Ti
with 35-80/2.8 zoom. This time, the photo was taken with the Panasonic
GX-85 with DZ 12-60 SWD lens. Interestingly, the texture of the pink
top actually aliased when using this lens. The red skate shoes are one
of about a half-dozen pairs in a rainbow of colors. For lighting, I
used an on-camera Vivitar 285HV with Flashbender modifier. This is not
your typical "Alaska Fashion".


Pretty in Pink 2. Sorry, no OM-3Ti in this photo. (move along, folks,
nothing to see here...). But I was feeling especially feminine this
morning, so this was my outfit that I wore to work. I actually had a
guy ask me out on a date!!!!!!! I'm not available*, but that does make
a person like me feel good. The alteration is ever so slightly more
"Alaska acceptable fashion". (hah!). Photo taken on a different deck.
Different earrings. Raining when the shot was taken.


So, the funny thing was that I had a chiropractor appointment in the
afternoon, so it made for a rather "refreshing" experience, especially
when he adjusted my pelvic region.


* Always subject to possible change
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