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Re: [OM] Sweaty clothes, Arctic Boots, Pink Socks

Subject: Re: [OM] Sweaty clothes, Arctic Boots, Pink Socks
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 23 Sep 2020 12:44:27 -0700
At 9/23/2020 11:32 AM, AG wrote:
>Full disclosure - some minor editing required. LOL.
>With the discussion of what's been happening over the past 10,000
>posts in the list, I mentioned a few "updates". Well, without
>pictures, it didn't happen, so I'll illustrate with pictures. I'm
>sufficiently "out" that sharing isn't an issue as it was in the past.
>A couple of you know parts of my story. I'm still pretty low-key,
>The topic of sweaty, smelly clothes came up. I've been doing a lot of
>hiking, climbing and running this year. I do have some techy clothing
>items that work very well at regulating body temperature, but they do
>tend to require additional attention in the washer. Regarding the
>shoes, I have several different pairs of running shoes of different
>types to try and prevent foot problems again. That doesn't include my
>"Imelda Marcos" shoe closet.
>First up - Is that an OM-3Ti in your pocket or are you happy to see
>me? Fall colors. Getting ready for a run. Holding an Olympus OM-3Ti
>with 35-80/2.8 lens. Nothing makes me look as sexy as an OM-3Ti. :)
>Next up - Modeling the -140 degree Arctic Boots. Proper usage does
>require a slight bit more clothing, but I thought this would be cute.
>Holding an Olympus OM-3Ti with 35-80/2.8 lens to continue the theme.
>Finally - Holding the -140 degree Arctic Boots, but showing off my
>unentangled pink socks.
>All three photos taken with the Panasonic DMC-GX85 with Lumix 12-32
>lens. Built-in Flash. Processed in Lightroom. Thank God for
>Lightroom!!!! That's worth 20 years and $50 in makeup.
>AG (better living through chemistry) Schnozz

I like the pink socks but the OM3-Ti looks better in hand than the -140 Artic 
Boots. Artic boots might turn me off of Alaska if it gets that cold.

I wish I could run again. Even after my ankle surgery running is still iffy. So 
I resort to biking and hiking.


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