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Re: [OM] IMG: May Supermoon, One Day Early

Subject: Re: [OM] IMG: May Supermoon, One Day Early
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 8 May 2020 11:13:46 +0100


> On 7 May 2020, at 06:52, Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 5/6/2020 6:55 PM, Jim Nichols wrote:
>> I read somewhere today that a May Supermoon would make its presence known 
>> tonight.  I was mistaken; it occurs tomorrow night.  But when I saw the moon 
>> rising in perfect weather, I could not help but get a few images.  If the 
>> weather is bad tomorrow night, I already have it on my hard drive.
>> So, I might as well share it ......................
>> http://www.gallery.leica-users.org/v/OldNick/20200506-P5061443.JPG.html 
>> <http://www.gallery.leica-users.org/v/OldNick/20200506-P5061443.JPG.html>
> Well, you might have been wondering about the optical difference between your 
> Telyt-R with 2x converter and the Leica 100-400. 
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Lunacy&image=_A__4510cr.jpg
> <http://galleries.moosemystic.net/MooseFoto/index.php?gallery=Lunacy&image=_A__4510cr.jpg>>
> This is a 100% pixel level view. I read your post, grabbed the camera, walked 
> out the front door, took a couple of 3 shot bursts.
> Sharpish Moose

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