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[OM] No longer window shopping

Subject: [OM] No longer window shopping
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 1 May 2020 22:22:17 -0800
Well, saving up has advantages.

The window shopping was really a means of confirming what I already
knew but wasn't willing to accept. And when a decent deal makes itself
available again, it was time to act.

I'm going to say up front that the G9 is a smashing great camera. It
is really, really good. If it wasn't for two issues, I would have
snapped it up without hesitation. And in reality, it takes better
pictures than any crop-sensor camera should. But one issue that made
me hesitate is the focus speed issue with legacy 4/3 lenses. Other
than that, I am going to say that it's a better camera than the EM1

The EM5 Mk3 was certainly a pleasant surprise and I could have done
well with it. The EM1 MK3 was the one I probably would have ended up
with had the G9 not been so exceptional. But that's where issue #2
comes in.

Ultimately my choice came down to lenses. My first and enduring love
is for the classic OM Zuikos. I seriously considered getting the G9
and a Metabones reducer, but that would have not only been more
expensive but would have still been cropped. So, the only real choice
was either full-frame or APS-C with Metabones. Frankly, none of the
APS-C cameras really fit. The Fujis are close, but no IBIS.

In the world of full-frame, the new Canon R series is nice, but really
needs some more refinement and the RP is the one in my price range but
very cheapened out. Alas, no IBIS. The Panasonic S1 is a very nice
camera. Honestly, I very much like it and my test images prove that
this is one of the best imagers around. But it's big and heavy. A real
beast. Worse of all, the body thickness and grip depth is just like
the older EOS digital bodies and my fingertips will get rubbed raw.
Nikon is not really an option for other issues--mostly cost.

That leaves me with one viable option. The choice really is pretty
clear. It's a camera I've actually wanted since it came out. The
updated version is obviously better, but also about twice the cost and
outside my budget. We established a budget for the new camera and this
one came in right on target.

So, a brand-new Sony A7 II (kit with 28-70) is in the house. For the
next couple of days they are on sale and I picked up one of the very
last ones in Alaska.

I like the size, weight and viewfinder. And the controls are a mixture
of Sony, Minolta and Olympus. What's not to like in that? Is the
normal image quality and color any better than the Panasonics? Nope.
Shadows are a little muddy like the Canons, but this really comes down
to price and lens compatibility.

And the viewfinder behaves perfectly with my sunglasses. The rear
monitor does darken when vertical, though, but doesn't go black. But
the EVF is fine.

Now, all I have to do is get my OM lens adaptors.

AG Schnozz
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