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Re: [OM] E-MI MkIII--thoughts???

Subject: Re: [OM] E-MI MkIII--thoughts???
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 05:56:54 -0700
I find the camera tempting, with the light weight new lens, ...but... for the 
money there are a lot of options. (Admittedly I have committed to Sonie 
system). My interest in u43 is mostly for a more compact system. So...


If one is in the u43 world, Oly is evolving.

At 2/13/2020 11:24 PM, Moose wrote:

>On 2/13/2020 5:02 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
>>Hand held high res mode is cool and expected.
>I've not followed the details. Is this the same as on the E-M1x? If so, I 
>hadn't realized it's quite different than the 80 MP tripod HR Mode. It takes 
>16 shots and aligns them, but doesn't capture each sensel location at all 
>three colors.
>I'm starting to wonder how much real world improvement in resolution that 
>actually gives. I've discovered something in the Topaz AI apps that generally 
>gives startling improvements in detail at base ISOs. Post to come soon.
>My other question about it is how useful it will be for moving stuff, like 
>critters, foliage in a breeze, etc. Topaz Sharpen AI stabilize option makes me 
>realize how much perhaps subtle subject movement there is in some of my long 
>shots of critters, creating softness I have blamed on lenses.
>Seems it takes 16 exposures in 1/60 sec. Well, that a long time for many 
>subjects. Fine if they don't move, but they very often do. I was just working 
>on a series of shots of very interesting birds in Paro last Spring. 400 mm, 
>1/640 sec. and there is subject blurring in some. They were moving fast 
>enough, legs moving, head moving relative to body, etc. that HH-HR would not 
>be able to align images.

I agree. If you are photographing art or stationary subjects like dollar bills, 
brick walls, or res charts - it has some use, but I have yet to develop my 
super power ability to stop the wind for landscape images, or bugs for macro. I 
can't even get my cats to hold still...

I much prefer focus bracketing feature than high-res mode.

Having an A7Riv, I more often than not will grab the A7iii instead. Yeah, it 
has been said here before, that Hi-res is over rated. And my technique is not 
up to a7r iv level much of the time, unless I carry the tripod with me or am in 
bright light. Topaz AI is appreciated for my lack.

>Things not to like:
>The power switch is still where it was on an OM-2. Soooo awkward in a world 
>where everyone else has theirs where a right hand finger or thumb can operate 
>The ergonomic thing I hate about the A7 is the menu button off on the left 
>corner. Now Oly is doing it. That means I couldn't open the menu without 
>taking left hand off the lens or right hand off the body. Crap!

Since I have A7x models, I can't think of a single time I needed to use the 
menu button while actively taking a photo. I much prefer MENU on the left which 
leaves more buttons on the right for customization. If I need fast access to a 
lesser used menu item, there is the customizable Fn menu on the right. If I 
need to go to the menu in the field, both my hands are on the body, looking 
down, (squinting) so it makes no difference whether I use my left or right 

I'm curious about ND filter.

I have found that lower light into mirrorless cameras also degrades the live 
view in the viewfinder due to sensor noise. With Sonie, for this reason, I turn 
off settings effect view so that it will not stop down the lens and increase 
the noise in the viewfinder - the way an OM4T behaves. I wonder if Oly has the 
ability to preview without ND enabled - that is - only stop down or engage ND 
when actually taking the photo? Imagine shooting with an OM4T while pushing the 
stop down button on the lens all the time. One of the good points of having a 
fast lens - precision manual focus - but only if the lens is not stopped down.

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