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Re: [OM] E-MI MkIII--thoughts???

Subject: Re: [OM] E-MI MkIII--thoughts???
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 22:24:50 -0800
On 2/13/2020 5:02 PM, Mike Gordon via olympus wrote:
Seems to be same sensor, EVF and I would bet  the very same (or  almost)  IQ 
but better engineering.

I would expect identical files. In what way would you expect engineering to be 

Still only one fast SD card slot and one UHS I---lazy.

I wonder how much difference that makes for us who don't shoot long sequences @ 60 fps? I thought that would be a step down with the UHS-I only GX9. I've never noticed a slowdown. Shoots 4K video without a hitch. (I still like the much faster download speed of UHS II.)

It has inherited some nice features from its larger and (IMO) flakey big 

By which you mean the E-M1x?

I like the dedicated ISO button as using SCP for ISO is useable but not very 
intuitive and slowish.

That never bothered me. Using custom settings provides an instant way to get all settings back to personal default, so the ISO part of SCP was only needed to change it from default.

Things I like:

Built in "ND filter" with probable raw file--this is very similar to the Smooth 
Reflections app that Sonnie KILLED in latest models--grrrrrr.  I really liked that app.
If is like E-M1x likely goes to 5 stops--that is almost certainly  equivalent 
to a 32 shot me mean blend in Photoshop--but get a raw file.  SR app went up to 
256 shots which is 8 stops.
Not sure how they pull that off hand held but perhaps use e-shutter (guessing) 

the wonderful IS---(up to claimed 7.5 stops with sync IS and 7 stops otherwise

All that super fancy IS combo dance for only half a stop??? Can't get excited.

--doubt this would beat  Panny Dual IS, but hard to tell).

Not a clue here. How does one test?? With my primary lenses being OIS Pannys, I naturally lean to their Sync IS. As below, the limiting factor in the field is often subject movement, anyway.

I remember when I first used my 100-400 in the field, I took some hand held shots on the E-M5 II, alternating IBIS and OIS. I didn't note the order as I took them, and back in the computer, I couldn't tell which was which.

  Oddly the SR app would lose a tad of DR vs taking the shots  or using ND 
filter directly.
Try blending 256 shots in PS---takes a loooooooong while.


I felt a little breeze as all that went over my head. :-)  I guess the smooth water thing is low on my priorities. I have the app on my A7, but it never gets out in the field where water is flowing.

Hand held high res mode is cool and expected.

I've not followed the details. Is this the same as on the E-M1x? If so, I hadn't realized it's quite different than the 80 MP tripod HR Mode. It takes 16 shots and aligns them, but doesn't capture each sensel location at all three colors.

I'm starting to wonder how much real world improvement in resolution that actually gives. I've discovered something in the Topaz AI apps that generally gives startling improvements in detail at base ISOs. Post to come soon.

My other question about it is how useful it will be for moving stuff, like critters, foliage in a breeze, etc. Topaz Sharpen AI stabilize option makes me realize how much perhaps subtle subject movement there is in some of my long shots of critters, creating softness I have blamed on lenses.

Seems it takes 16 exposures in 1/60 sec. Well, that a long time for many subjects. Fine if they don't move, but they very often do. I was just working on a series of shots of very interesting birds in Paro last Spring. 400 mm, 1/640 sec. and there is subject blurring in some. They were moving fast enough, legs moving, head moving relative to body, etc. that HH-HR would not be able to align images.

Starry sky AF---can take 10sec on pod  in accurate mode but that is fine.  
Marnie enjoyed trying for nice astrolandscapes but I had to focus for her in MF 
due to her night vision.   The CV10/.95 MTF wide open was also lousy and would 
have to gaffers tape at infinity if wanted to use.   This is a killer feature 
for her then, assuming it works as advertised.  Bah, please  make me an offer 
on gently used E-m1 MkII.  At least I think the batteries are the same.   Not 
sure about the RRS bracket.  Will have to try to make time to take care of this

Well, I tried to get into the astro stuff, but it didn't take.

Things not to like:

The power switch is still where it was on an OM-2. Soooo awkward in a world where everyone else has theirs where a right hand finger or thumb can operate it.

The ergonomic thing I hate about the A7 is the menu button off on the left corner. Now Oly is doing it. That means I couldn't open the menu without taking left hand off the lens or right hand off the body. Crap!

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