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[OM] E-MI MkIII--thoughts???

Subject: [OM] E-MI MkIII--thoughts???
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2020 01:02:41 +0000 (UTC)
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
Seems to be same sensor, EVF and I would bet  the very same (or  almost)  IQ 
but better engineering.  Still only one fast SD card slot and one UHS I---lazy. 
  It has inherited some nice features from its larger and (IMO) flakey big 
I like the dedicated ISO button as using SCP for ISO is useable but not very 
intuitive and slowish.  

Things I like:

Built in "ND filter" with probable raw file--this is very similar to the Smooth 
Reflections app that Sonnie KILLED in latest models--grrrrrr.  I really liked 
that app.  
If is like E-M1x likely goes to 5 stops--that is almost certainly  equivalent 
to a 32 shot me mean blend in Photoshop--but get a raw file.  SR app went up to 
256 shots which is 8 stops. 
Not sure how they pull that off hand held but perhaps use e-shutter (guessing) 
and the wonderful IS---(up to claimed 7.5 stops with sync IS and 7 stops 
otherwise--doubt this would beat  Panny Dual IS, but hard to tell).  Oddly the 
SR app would lose a tad of DR vs taking the shots  or using ND filter directly. 
Try blending 256 shots in PS---takes a loooooooong while. 


Hand held high res mode is cool and expected.

Starry sky AF---can take 10sec on pod  in accurate mode but that is fine.  
Marnie enjoyed trying for nice astrolandscapes but I had to focus for her in MF 
due to her night vision.   The CV10/.95 MTF wide open was also lousy and would 
have to gaffers tape at infinity if wanted to use.   This is a killer feature 
for her then, assuming it works as advertised.  Bah, please  make me an offer 
on gently used E-m1 MkII.  At least I think the batteries are the same.   Not 
sure about the RRS bracket.  Will have to try to make time to take care of this

Change is acoming to stable, Mike

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