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Re: [OM] Micro four thirds lens contacts

Subject: Re: [OM] Micro four thirds lens contacts
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2019 10:27:21 -0700
At 6/19/2019 04:57 PM, Bill P wrote:

>> I'm just interested in how the machine works. I'm certainly not trying to 
>> build any new hardware. 
>I'm glad you are curious because we need more of that in society, but I'm even 
>more glad that you are not trying to build something new, cause we've got 
>enough already. 
>But I suggest you adopt in this case an approach that has served me well. Like 
>most of us, I started out using a typewriter. A manual typewriter. I later 
>moved to an electric typewriter, but what is the common thread? Simple. 
>Although innately curious, I never knew what made either the manual or 
>electric typewriter, and I didn't care. I could operate it, not fast but I 
>could type a letter,and that made me happy. I know what I needed to know to 
>get the job done. and that was that. A friend was one of the original 
>designers of the Heathkit computer, and he often said that personal computers 
>would never be a big success until they could be operated as easily as a 
>Likewise, I suggest you accept the fact that the camera tells something to 
>turn the focus ring to get the photo sharp, and it does. It does it amazingly 
>well now that the systems are mature. So I'm happy. Try this you'll like it. 

If the typewriter stops working what do you do? Perhaps Bill B's knowledge of 
the contacts, what they do, will give him insight someday when the lens/camera 
is not working so well, or what a particular lens adapter can do. I write 
firmware, and am always thinking of things I can do with the knowledge.

I don't know why, as a kid, I took things apart to see how they worked. It was 
just something I did, and liked to do, and still do. I'm an Engineer, Bones, 
not a Doctor. We all have our predilections.

I like to experiment with the camera, and with photoshop, and just about 
anything. Knowing how things works gives insight for more creative ideas. 
Knowing what the contacts do has noting to do with building something, but it 
might, you never know with creativity where it will lead. But I think it is 
important to nourish one's curiosity and creativity, for those wired that way.

I wouldn't be surprised if the serial contacts are SPI (rather than i2c, CAN, 
UART) which means one line is probably a CS (chip select). It would be 
interesting to know what goes into a lens adapter.

The new adapter for E mount to Nikon Z, has firmware inside. Could be a smart 
move by Nikon to have 2mm shorter flange distance. Such an adapter would 
certainly help Sony people to migrate to Nikon.


Interesting camera times.

wired curious - WayneS

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