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[OM] Shootin' in the dark [was High-ISO performance Rant - Saying it wit

Subject: [OM] Shootin' in the dark [was High-ISO performance Rant - Saying it with pictures
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 23:21:39 -0800
While in Seattle for Thanksgiving*, our friend Julia once again asked me 
to shoot an event without adequate preparation. 

Had she let me know before we flew up, I would have been using the 5D @ 
ISO 3200 with 50/1.8. As it was, I had only carried a couple of slow 
zooms for outdoor work. So I made do with what I had, shooting before 
the lights were turned to very dim with A650 and afterwards with F30.

The latter were shot at speeds like 1/4 sec., ISO 1600, f2.8 and -2/3 
EV. The EV compensation gives an effective speed of about 2600, which 
works better than using the ISO 3200 setting with no EV change. 
Judicious use of NR and care in bringing up shadows gives a better image 
than the camera's own, internal 3200 processing. Calculates to about a 
stop darker than your bar, I think.

With the shutter speeds and the rapidly moving subjects, I contented 
myself working to get interesting motion effects. Obviously, they needed 
to get the band where the wall lights would be behind them, but it was 
to late by the time I got there.

I've been sort of keeping track, and I believe the F30 is still the low 
light champ of small digicams with moving subjects. Not nearly as small, 
but I wonder how a Panny G1 with 20/1.7 will work in such circumstances.

It was a lovely gathering, especially enlivened when,  moments after 
this shot 
, I took a  full frontal pratfall off this stage where the bottom step 
doesn't go the full width. 
Fortunately, the F30 is apparently whiplash proof and the photographer 
sustained only a skinned knee and a slightly twisted foot that rapidly 
improved with immediate Reiki treatment. Wearing hiking boots, he was 
seen tromping about Seattle the next day with no trouble.


* I had thought there might be a chance to see if any local list members 
might have a break in their holiday schedule for a brief meet. 
Unfortunately, due to life (and death) circumstances, plans became 
fluid, and all our time was engaged, largely pleasantly, with host and 

Nathan Wajsman wrote:

> Hi Ken,
> While I agree with your sentiments, I must also admit that with the superb 
> high-ISO performance of the latest Nikons and Canons (especially Nikons) the 
> bar has undoubtedly been raised, as also happened in the old days when a new 
> high-speed film that provided better detail and less grain than previous 
> emulsions was introduced  
> (e.g. Neopan 1600).
> Again, I basically agree with you, but I also think that the picture you use 
> to illustrate the point is not perfect for your purpose. The scene is a night 
> scene, yes, but it is also quite bright with the 
> strong street light and snow on the ground. This is evidenced by the fact 
> that you were able to shoot at f5 with quite a decent shutter speed. Perhaps 
> a better example is offered by a gallery I just put up from Tuesday night's 
> Christmas Quiz at my local watering hole. In my case, the light was such that 
> I had to shoot at something like 1/15 sec. af f1.4 much of the evening, using 
> ISO 1250 on the M8:
> http://www.greatpix.eu/gallery/6856240_Zbdi5#438498271_SNzuH

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