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[OM] Inside, Looking Out

Subject: [OM] Inside, Looking Out
From: "Ken Norton" <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 14:02:00 -0600
Well, the weather outside is frightful, icy and spiteful.There's no place to
go, the ice is making it so
Out comes the camera, lens and creative mind
OK, a bit bored, but you know the kind
Horrid poetry abounds, insanity knows no bounds
The curse of the winter day.

A visit to www.zone-10.com may be in order
A snapshot out the window within the border
Film not an option for instant glee
Taken with the Olympus E-1 you see
But the lens is of interest for those of old
The 35-80, handheld and cold
The curse of the winter day.

ISO 400 was used for who know why
F4 and 1/200 a second to try
I would have use a tripod had one been inside
In an iced over jeep it sits, frozen outside
Three frames shot, only one acceptable
The curse of the winter day.

Raw Therapee is an interesting program to learn
Time spent anquished over a Wacom pad firm
Curves and contrast enhanced you see
Saturation boosted beyond belief
I'd have kept it straight, dull and true
Had it not been for the curse of the winter day.

Ken Norton
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