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Re: [OM] Inside, Looking Out

Subject: Re: [OM] Inside, Looking Out
From: Chris Crawford <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2008 21:22:38 -0500
Here in Fort Waste, the ice is gone completely and it didn't start to rain
till nightfall. I went out photographing with my girlfriend today, but it
was very windy :(

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On 12/27/08 7:59 PM, "Paul Braun" <cygnus@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ken Norton wrote:
>>> I love crappy weather. I went out on the 23rd and stood in the rain on
>>> ground so icy I could barely walk to do some landscape photography. I do
>>> that a lot. I love bad weather, it makes awesome photos. Sunny "Nice" days
>>> suck, I hate them. The light is ugly.
>> Actually, I am in total agreement.  Foul weather is far more photogenic.
>>  However, in this particular case, the weather actually made for extremely
>> dangerous conditions--I couldn't even stand on my driveway!  The interstate
>> here is "travel not advised--100% ice covered".  When they lose Interstate
>> 80, you know it's bad.
>> AG
> Today it was 60deg F (NW Indiana/Chicago-ish) and rainy all day.  That
> means that the layer of ice is starting to melt and get a nice layer of
> water on top of it.  Yesterday was worse -- it had just started to melt,
> but it was right at the melt/freeze point all day.  My driveway is on a
> slight incline -- it was all I could do to keep from sliding down it
> when I tried to get in my car.  Once down in the street, there way no
> way I was getting back up my driveway until it melted some more.
> We also had the "stay home, you idiots" warnings out all over the radio.
> Sadly, I'm the tech on call, so I had to be there at work.  I just drove
> reeeealllly slowly and left plenty of space.  All-wheel-drive don't mean
> squat when you're on a sheet of wet ice.

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