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[OM] Re: Lanscape's via PC stitching, was: Zuiko 18mm and 21mm

Subject: [OM] Re: Lanscape's via PC stitching, was: Zuiko 18mm and 21mm
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 17:57:07 +0100
Thanks for that Chuck.  It's Wintel only, but it is a great site to 
check through.  That young chap seems to be so accomplished that he 
borders on the boring ;-), but his blogs are very amusing so he must be 
a good chap.


On 16 Apr 2005, at 13:56, Chuck Norcutt wrote:

> Also, here is a link to an absolutely astonishing piece of free pano
> software that can produce excellent results; often with no panohead and
> even with no tripod or level.  You don't have to do anything except
> point the software to a folder containing the images to be used in the
> panorama.  If certain photos in that folder don't belong to the 
> panorama
> it will slow it down but it will also figure out what belongs and what
> doesn't.  I didn't believe it until I tried it.  I doubt it would stand
> up to the rigorous high resolution stuff that Mike is after but it is
> certainly capable of producing a beautiful two page spread in a large
> photo album from two 6MP images.  If you have no experience with panos
> and have any digital camera this is a good place to start.  It's
> unsupported, free, experimental software that is updated about once a
> month which will invalidate your currently installed copy.  Downloading
> and reinstalling, however, is easy and quick .
> <http://www.cs.ubc.ca/~mbrown/autostitch/autostitch.html>
> Chuck Norcutt

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