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[OM] Re: Opinions on E-1 or E-300?

Subject: [OM] Re: Opinions on E-1 or E-300?
From: Winsor Crosby <wincros@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 18:15:28 -0700
 From dpreview.com:

By pressing the INFO button in play mode you can scroll through the six 
different information display levels available:
  One of them is the histogram.


Long Beach, California, USA

On Apr 15, 2005, at 5:42 PM, Vargas, Antonio (IT) wrote:

> The question which remains unanswered though is if it is the same with
> the E-300.  To clarify, I'm not saying that this 'minor inconvenience'
> in the E-1 is undesirable for everyone or not.  I'm just asking if
> that's also how the E-300 displays the histogram, that is you have to
> press a button or two to see it.

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