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[OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift

Subject: [OM] Re: WTB Zuiko 24 shift
From: "Jeff Keller" <jeff-keller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 14:06:09 -0700
Is this person voluntarily coming out of hiding ?
Has he been selling a number of nice lenses lately ? and colorful OMs ?

I hope he got a big pile of euros ...

Any bets on which will last longer: a zuiko 24mm shift or a c*non 1DS ?
Hopefully the blasphemed Zuiko will live long after on whatever replaces the

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From: iwert@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well AG,

Thank you, this person is trying to get a c*non user into OM land, and then
gets tar and feathers?

He should get a medal for doing this, after all, it's the glass that counts
to get the image!

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