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[OM] T20 Questions

Subject: [OM] T20 Questions
From: Ross Orr <voxbongo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 23:25:11 -0400
A random question for you T20 flash users:

I recently picked up a second T20 to replace my old dropped and 
cracked one. With the new one I notice that the whine after it's 
fully charged is interrupted by a faint, rapid "pip pip pip" sound. 
The flash-ready light in the viewfinder also dims slightly with each 
pip. My old one (which still functions) never did this.

The flash seems to function normally, and the light blinks in the 
viewfinder to confirm exposure.

Normal behavior, or something I ought to worry about?


  -- Ross

"Do something foolish once, and it's a mistake.
  Do it repeatedly and it's a philosophy."

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