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[OM] Re: T20 Questions

Subject: [OM] Re: T20 Questions
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 20:59:16 -0700
I don't have a T20, but that isn't normal for a T18, T32 or any other 
flash I've had. Sounds like something arching over. Either a capacitor 
starting to go or shot insulation. Sounds like each pip is some charge 
being lost, then it gets replaced quickly by the charging circuit. It's 
only happening at full voltage, but will likely get worse with use. If 
nothing else, it would mean decreased battery life. Sounds like time to 
switch and combine good innards with good case. Or return it, if possible.


Ross Orr wrote:

>I recently picked up a second T20 to replace my old dropped and 
>cracked one. With the new one I notice that the whine after it's 
>fully charged is interrupted by a faint, rapid "pip pip pip" sound. 
>The flash-ready light in the viewfinder also dims slightly with each 
>pip. My old one (which still functions) never did this.

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