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[OM] Stop the insanity! (If you feel like it)

Subject: [OM] Stop the insanity! (If you feel like it)
From: Ross Orr <voxbongo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 May 2004 01:14:22 -0400
So, I joined the Olympus list about 6 months ago. . . And tonight, 
out of some perverse curiosity, I added up the total price for all 
the OM gear I've bought since then. I thought I had been getting some 
reasonable xBay deals, so I was mortified to discover I had topped 
$700 USD!

So, in the spirit of contrition, austerity, and reining in rampant 
Zuikoholism, let me throw out a question for you:

At current prices, what Oly items do you think are an especially GOOD 
value, in terms of pure picture-taking ability per dollar/euro?

Some of my candidates might be the 2N, the 50/1.4, the T20 flash 
(with faster film it may be all you need); and perhaps the 100/2.8 
(considering the price relative to the 85/2).

Your thoughts?

  -- Ross

"Do something foolish once, and it's a mistake.
  Do it repeatedly and it's a philosophy."

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