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[OM] Re: scanning print negatives and scanner exposure inconsistencies

Subject: [OM] Re: scanning print negatives and scanner exposure inconsistencies
From: Gary Edwards <zuikowarriors@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 18:54:57 -0700 (PDT)
Ed's recommendation for slides is to set Media to "Image" instead of "slide."  
The assumption is that the slide is "truth" so no film characteristics are 
needed.  YMMV.
Gary Edwards

James Royall <james@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Viewscan has a great many film base profiles built
>> in and adds more all the time.

This is my one gripe with the software (along with not being able to 
batch preview). Choose slide film and there is only generic and Kodak. 
Choose colour neg and Fuji shows no Superia of any sort. Choose B/W neg 
and the only Ilford choice is XP2. That means that of all the film I've 
used in the last year only the last roll I've had developed (XP2) has a 
profile. I'm using Fuji and Ilford, so very mainstream. It seems to me 
a real hole in his updating of the software. Maybe black and white 
could be overlooked but having no Fuji slide film just seems odd - what 
percentage of the market does Fuji have?


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