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[OM] Re: In press (not impress)!

Subject: [OM] Re: In press (not impress)!
From: ClassicVW@xxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 10:55:44 EDT

I meant to add a correction to my post to make it more clear what I meant by 
"local", but got caught short on computer play time due to starting a new job 
. I now know what I said was misleading,  and I'm sorry if I did mislead...

My truly _local_ paper (one town coverage) only has a circulation of about 
3-4K, and they also, do not pay. They will credit you under the photo. The 
I have been dealing with and mentioned in my post is the county daily, and 
since this is a large county (1 million population) it is a large paper.


Sam.Shiell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Well you've got a good deal going there. I spoke to the news desk of my 
> local paper this morning and was told flately "we do not pay for 
> photographs!"...... even though they had come to me with the request, and 
> I'll have to fork 
> out for 3-hour processing onto CDs in order to meet their deadline..
> Well, at least it'll have my name on it..
> Cheers
> Sam

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