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[OM] Re: In press (not impress)!

Subject: [OM] Re: In press (not impress)!
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 08:53:54 +0100

I agree with the others over the Pond who have expressed an opinion.  
If they have commissioned the photo, they should pay a fee for 

Good luck


On 28 May 2004, at 15:46, Sam Shiell wrote:

> George
>>>>> The "local" paper here................ usually pays amateurs 
>>>>> ...$50-$75 for a B&W shot used inside a section, $75 if they print 
>>>>> it in color.....of course develop and print the entire roll of 
>>>>> film for you  and, in my case, send me off with a few new rolls of 
>>>>> film.<<<<<<<<<<<
> Well you've got a good deal going there. I spoke to the news desk of 
> my local paper this morning and was told flately "we do not pay for 
> photographs!"...... even though they had come to me with the request, 
> and I'll have to fork out for 3-hour processing onto CDs in order to 
> meet their deadline..
> Well, at least it'll have my name on it..
> Cheers
> Sam
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