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[OM] Re: In press (not impress)!

Subject: [OM] Re: In press (not impress)!
From: "John A. Lind" <jlind@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 29 May 2004 01:44:52 -0500
If it's not too late . . .

Tell them you want photo credit *and* payment.

I'd imagine in the $25-$50 range _PER_PHOTOGRAPH_USED_ for 
_NON-EXCLUSIVE__ONE_TIME_ publication including web posting if they post 
articles on their web site.  Throw in a clause for exclusivity for press 
publication for a _SHORT__LIMITED_ time such as a week or so if there are 
competing papers in your town.  Do NOT, repeat DO NOT assign exclusive 
rights for anything other than a very short limited time, only for press 
publication, and only if they want some exclusivity.  Payment due within 30 
days of publication.

Some publications, such as books, pay a scale based on size of photo in 
relation to page size and number of books to be printed in the press 
run.  Be prepared for something like that . . . but I'd go with a flat fee 
for a newspaper.

I wouldn't give it to them for free.  Some of these folks think someone 
will be dazzled by seeing their name in print under a photo and give it to 
them for free.  IMVHO it's male bovine fecal matter.  You have expenses and 
there is the value of your time to deliver what they want too.  If they 
balk, suggest they assign a staff photog to cover it and walk away from 
it.  Don't be nasty, just matter-of-fact, rational and that your pix aren't 

I'm hard-line about things like this.  A portion of their profit is made 
from being able to publish a photographs of events.  If they use a photo of 
yours, you deserve a slice of that profit by helping enable it . . . and 
you deserve compensation for your time and expenses.

-- John Lind

At 06:20 AM 5/24/04, Sam wrote:

>This coming weekend I'm doing some pictures of someone's induction 
>ceremony for our community (wont bore with the details) and the local 
>press have asked me to let them have a couple of pictures for an article. 
>Apparently they look through the Mayors diary and saw that he will be 
>there, so that's the news worthy bit.
>I know some of you guys have been involved in this sort of thing, so can 
>you advise me on what sort of arrangement, if any, I can expect to make 
>sure I get credited and that they don't start passing them on without 
>checking with me. Also (and I know the answer will be "If you don't ask 
>you wont get") should I expect any sort of payment or should I just be 
>happy with the kudos of being in print?

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