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[OM] Re: Which slide film?

Subject: [OM] Re: Which slide film?
From: Nils Frohberg <nilsf@xxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 13:43:57 +0200
Adam Long wrote:
> Discussion so far seems to have centred around fuji films - I'd suggest you 
> try some Kodak. The Elitechrome extra colour 100 (code EBX) is the stuff to 
> go for. Its the consumer version of E100VS and has become the main film I 
> use. Saturation is similar to Velvia - much better than either sensia or 
> provia. However (in the UK at least) I find that saturation to be MUCH more 
> accurate. Skies have a lovely royal blue colur as opposed to Fuji's dark, 
> almost purplish tones. It handles reds with a lot more control than velvia, 
> though greens aren't as strong. And its cheap! £2 a roll mail order in the 
> UK, comparable to sensia. And the downside? Its grainy compared to velvia and 
> provia, again similar to sensia. And take care in really sharp, yellow light 
> around sunrise and set - it can go a bit wild with yellows, though no more 
> than velvia does with red. 

I got 2 times Provia 100 F and 2 times RSX II 100 (on recommendation of 
the photo store). I thought about the EliteChrome 100EC, but didn't find 
any in a reasonably priced store atm, so that'll have to wait a bit. 
Plus, I will take a roll of APX100 and a HP5, which I probably will put 
into the OM-1. (No light meter and slide film ain't a good combo :) ) 
Unfortunately, I don't have the right filters for B/W yet.

I'll also take the primes in addition this time, as i fear the Vivitar 
35-105 and the Samyang 18-28 ain't the greatest performers around. (No 
tests, just my impression)

> I do a lot of stuff handheld too - climbing for example, where a tripod isn't 
> an option, and it really excells. I've stopped using provia for anything but 
> pushing to 200, where its tight grain has advantages. I did think the new 
> velvia 100 might win me over, but the stuff available in the UK has no 
> advantages over the kodak EBX. I'd far rather see Kodak release a slower, 
> finer grained version, that I could use instead of Velvia, for the tripod 
> shots.

I'll take a tripod (and a tiny flash too), just for safety, but I don't 
want to carry it around all day. (No car available, they drive on the 
wrong side of the road anyhow :P)

> Adam.
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