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[OM] Re: Which slide film?

Subject: [OM] Re: Which slide film?
From: "Adam Long" <adamlong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 12:18:58 +0100
Discussion so far seems to have centred around fuji films - I'd suggest you try 
some Kodak. The Elitechrome extra colour 100 (code EBX) is the stuff to go for. 
Its the consumer version of E100VS and has become the main film I use. 
Saturation is similar to Velvia - much better than either sensia or provia. 
However (in the UK at least) I find that saturation to be MUCH more accurate. 
Skies have a lovely royal blue colur as opposed to Fuji's dark, almost purplish 
tones. It handles reds with a lot more control than velvia, though greens 
aren't as strong. And its cheap! £2 a roll mail order in the UK, comparable to 
sensia. And the downside? Its grainy compared to velvia and provia, again 
similar to sensia. And take care in really sharp, yellow light around sunrise 
and set - it can go a bit wild with yellows, though no more than velvia does 
with red. 
I do a lot of stuff handheld too - climbing for example, where a tripod isn't 
an option, and it really excells. I've stopped using provia for anything but 
pushing to 200, where its tight grain has advantages. I did think the new 
velvia 100 might win me over, but the stuff available in the UK has no 
advantages over the kodak EBX. I'd far rather see Kodak release a slower, finer 
grained version, that I could use instead of Velvia, for the tripod shots.

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