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[OM] Re: Curious fogging on OM4T

Subject: [OM] Re: Curious fogging on OM4T
From: Gregg Iverson <golftooter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 23:37:37 -0500
My only thought on that would be that if there were no exposed chemicals to 
react with there would be nothing to see in the interframe or edge 
areas.  Only a guess though, I really am not current on what the process is 
for color.  Seems I stopped with silver halides.  :-)

My reason for thinking chemical contamination, is I have seen negs that 
looked that way after being contaminated, or not fixed properly.  When I 
have experienced overheating problems, it has taken out the entire roll.


>But how can it be that when it is reported to be only in the exposed
>frame areas, not the edges or interframe lines? The very even gradient
>from frame edge to imperceptible horizontally and quite even vertically
>seems to me to make chemical contamination unlikely.
>sasteachers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> >that looks like a chemical contamination
> >
> >
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