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[OM] Re: The Harrison Ross Poll

Subject: [OM] Re: The Harrison Ross Poll
From: "Scott Gomez" <scott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 2004 10:39:31 -0800
> Rob and I (Gord) cooked up this poll as a sharing-learning tool.

> This is a members poll of your 3 (yes only 3) favorite Zuikos.

> What are your 3 favorite Zuikos?

135/4.5 Auto-Macro

> Why?

Well, you did say only 3, so this was a tough one.

35/2 - Because it's "wide" without looking really wide and so can take
the place of a 50mm, but leaves some more "creative room" as far as I am

85/2 - For the opposite reason of the 35/2 :-) It's a "tele" without
looking so much like one. Again, a bit more "creative room" for more a
more "intimate" look than the 35/2

135/4.5 - Well, you made me pick only 3. And I needed at least one macro
in there :-) Better working distance than most macros, focuses to
infinity if necessary, easily handled on the 65-116 tube.

> What do you shoot with them?

35/2 and 85/2 - just about anything, if I have to carry a really small
kit, these are the most likely.
135/4.5 - most often, flowers

> Which features (sharpness, bokeh, size, weight, close-focusing, etc)
> them rise above the others in their category? (eg.35/2.0 vs 35/2.8)

All have the advantage of being small, bright and versatile (to me
anyway). I'm not so terribly critical regarding sharpness, bokeh,
whatever, although others have remarked on those qualities with some of
these lenses. I find the 35/2 and the 85/2 very easy to work with, and
seem to "see" well in those ranges. I've used the 35/2.8 as well, and
it's almost too small.

> Which other lenses in this category have you also used?

Not sure what you mean here. I've got most of the Zuikos that *aren't*
/2s and all have their advantages/disadvantages.

> How does this Zuiko compare to lenses  by other manufacturers you've
> (N*kon, L*ica, C*non, etc) ?

N/A: I don't use any other 35mm system.
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