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Re: [OM] Film Scanners

Subject: Re: [OM] Film Scanners
From: Tom Murphy <murphytj@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 22:21:23 +0000
Hi Tim and Matt,

Thanks for the info re the scanners.

On Tuesday, Oct 29, 2002, at 21:52 Europe/Dublin, Matt Crawley wrote:

There may be other diffs too... Light source is a VERY important one
especially if you plan to scan negs. Do you plan on scanning mostly negs or slides? Hopefully some list members will have more specific info for you but you might find more reviews on the web. Check www.epinions.com or similar.

Do you mean whether it is fluorescent or LED (like difference between a condensor/diffuser enlarger)?

Light source in the Minolta is three wavelength, cold cathode fluorescent (whatever that means)

Software for both seems comparable (Digital Ice Cubed).

This is just one feature but it is VERY nice to have... another important feature is the ability to do multipass scanning which helps reduce noise.

Minolta does multipass up to 16x.

Also check what OTHER software comes with the scanner. If Photoshop or
another good image editor is included it can add a lot of value.

No other software is mentioned in the documentation.
Tom Murphy

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